Sunday, October 28, 2012

Date Night.....without ANY Kids

Sam and I have some pretty amazing friends!! Last week some friends of ours offered to watch the kids while we went out on a date............... (long pause) ............... we had no idea what to do. hehe

We got married, got pregnant, got sick, then got huge and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there were not a lot of dates in between all of that non-stop fun.  Then after we had Maddie, we were afraid to leave her with anyone because she was not the easiest baby in the world.  A lot of time went by before we felt comfortable leaving her and by that time we had gotten pregnant again, gotten sick again, and then gotten huge and uncomfortable again.  We still hadn't ever been out on a real date night as a married couple.  We finally gave in and went on a date a few weeks before Macy was born.  We had a great time, but being 9 months pregnant makes it a little hard to really enjoy anything no matter what you try to do.

Recently our friends, the McKinlays, offered to watch the girls for us and let us go out on a real date.  Just the two of us (no baby in tow).  We decided to take advantage of the opportunity and go on a bike ride together at the Louisville Swamp.  It was so much fun! The leaves were beautiful and the trail was a lot of fun.  Our favorite part was the old historic barn sight and seeing 10+ hunters (we only spotted one hunter up in a tree, but we counted over 10 bikes on the trail).  Very cool!  We got a little grief for not going out to a romantic dinner, but hey we're still new at this whole dating thing!! :) Going for a bike ride was perfect for us.  We had a great time and still were able to go out to dinner afterwards.

The river bottoms

The Farm from the trail

Barn ruins

Our sweet rides :)

We were amazed at the water level on the trees.
We would have been completely submerged by the river.

The home where they lived! It was so tiny!

The inside of the home was made into a warm house.



  1. I'm so glad you guys were able to go on a date! That is so important! You do have great friends, and that makes me so happy. That farm looks so cool!! And what an awesome story! I'm glad you guys are doing well. I love you lots!!

  2. What a great date! I hope you can go out again soon! I wish I lived closer to you so I could watch the kids for you! Love you guys!!!

  3. It looks like it was the perfect date, and interesting too!